Protection panel upgrade (After)
Power transformer
Thyristors verification
Sectionneurs 120kV
Capacitor bank
6MVA Power Transformer
Time-current curve protection analysis
Disjoncteur avant remise à neuf
Busbar manufacturing
25kV Switchgear
Mobile services units
Breaker after refurbishing
120kV Power breaker
Rectifier control card upgrading
Primary injection test
Infrared picture
Industrial battery charger
Contact and insulation resistance mesurement
Protection panel upgrade (Before)
Rectifier drawer upgrading
Wave quality measurements
Protection relay
6MVA Power Transformer
46MVA Power transformer
6MVA Power transformer
Thermographic inspection
Switchgear design

Special Tests

The MDL Énergie inc. team of engineers and technicians can develop and implement special electrical tests. Upon request from our customers, we can proceed with sample testing or complete electrical network testing.

Factory or field tests performed:

  • Breaker, cubicles or bushing heat run tests
  • Power transformer impedance measurement
  • Partial discharge measurements and detection
  • Reduce voltage testing of new electrical networks
  • Transformer or electrical network fictitious load testing
  • Etc.