120kV Power breaker
Sectionneurs 120kV
6MVA Power transformer
6MVA Power Transformer
Contact and insulation resistance mesurement
Mobile services units
Rectifier control card upgrading
6MVA Power Transformer
Power transformer
Thyristors verification
Busbar manufacturing
Protection panel upgrade (After)
Breaker after refurbishing
Time-current curve protection analysis
46MVA Power transformer
Protection panel upgrade (Before)
Industrial battery charger
Wave quality measurements
Protection relay
Disjoncteur avant remise à neuf
25kV Switchgear
Capacitor bank
Switchgear design
Thermographic inspection
Infrared picture
Rectifier drawer upgrading
Primary injection test

Field services - Transformer maintenance

Transformers play an essential role within electrical networks. Any breakdown or incorrect operation can quickly result in very large damage costs. MDL Énergie inc. has a large experience in preventive maintenance to ensure proper transformer operation and to make sure that the transformer life does not degrade prematurely. Listed below are some of the measurements and tests that can be performed as part of a transformer preventive maintenance program:

  • Transformer ratio measurement
  • Oil sampling and analysis
  • Cooling system test and inspection
  • Gas and pressure relay test and inspection
  • Auxiliary contact test
  • Grounding test
  • Winding, insulation and ground resistance measurement
  • Dielectric insulation and power factor measurement
  • Bushing and winding dissipation factor measurement
  • Test and inspection of alarm and trips
  • Frequency response measurement (FLRA)
46MVA Power transformer
46MVA Power transformer
6MVA Power Transformer
6MVA Power Transformer